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Laura rest assured that everything looks great- so happy!!!!  


the ceiling is exactly what I was hoping for- Phil nailed it! I sat on the couch last night with a glass of wine and kept looking up. It's like looking at a beautiful piece of furniture!!!


Very cool fans and they really move a lot of air- and the chandelier- wow! it's really changed the whole space!

With the blue backsplash- it's an immediate ahhh…. when you walk in the door and it all blends really nicely with the colors of what we have and will look even better when we replace the floor and get new furniture!!!


Thank you so much for all your great work and help to pull it all together!!! Todd and Roman are working away today to finish up some last minute details but I'm very very pleased!!!have a great day!!!!


Carol M.



Thanks so much for pulling our bathroom granite project together. It has been a pleasure dealing with someone who communicates, as you have done. You and Todd make a great team!!!

We love the look of the granite and if you get a chance, stop by to see it.

My friend, who you steered to a fabric decorator, is delighted with the person you recommended.

I will be happy to recommend you and Todd to others.

Marilyn G.

I just wanted to let you know how amazing you and your husband truly are. You seem to know instinctively what I like without my providing a whole lot of information.

Hi Todd and Laura,

Thank you for our beauitful kitchen. We were down a few weeks ago and are having a hard time believing this beautiful condo sitting on the beach with the glorious view is really ours. I love the way the doors close and I am so happy with your suggestion for the glazing which really sets off the cabinets. Your recommendation to go with the beading on the refrig. was the best idea too.

We really appreciate your service in making everything in the kitchen perfect. We are anxious to see the ref. set back with the true custom look. We are also really happy with the cabinetry in the bathrooms. They look so special and unique and the colors and hardware are perfect.

Thanks again for your hard work and cooperation.

Wayne and Cindy P.

We want to commend you for your attention to detail and for working with us to design the lanai kitchen that we desired. Additionally, you were able to meet our needs in a timely fashion. It turned out beautifully, and we have gotten many compliments on our kitchen design.

Thank you for making our experience a positive one and for working within our budget. We have recommended you to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so in the future.


Carol and Ron B.

I cannot believe the amazing results, the glass is so pretty, fabulous, love it, the bathroom looks phenomenal. I cannot believe a) that is the same house and b) what magic you guys have performed. I truly feel blessed, thank you so much.

My wife and I purchased a house in Venice. We began working with Laura on cabinet design, layout, finishes and all the other little details. She researched all the plumbing fixtures, kitchen sink, and things I had forgotten about. She so impressed us we were getting hooked.

Then we met Laura's husband Todd. His enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and commitment to excellence were impressive.

The house is beautiful and we are happy with all our decisions.

Thanks to all of you,

John & Peggy

Fantastic outfit. The best design and craftsmanship  Wonderful people to work with, honest, efficient, and trustworthy. I would only hire NathanTylor Remodeling to remodel my home on Boca Grande. Prices are reasonable and fair.

Absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, stupendous! I love the bathroom, the kitchen is breathtaking, even my old beat up couch looks pretty good in your pictures.

Laura, i can't say enough it is amazing! I really love it.

Breathtaking actually, it is so beautiful Laura, I love it, going to live in that shower for a while!!

Wow, wow, wow, the color in the bathroom is over the top gorgeous and the lighting in the kitchen and the back splash and my chairs in the background- oh it feels like my home and I am over the top excited and yes it does make my week, my month, and my year.

Thank you so much!!!!

Hi Anya,

You folks have transformed our house and I am thrilled and pleased. I wish you many more transformations.

Thank you.

Oh Laura,

It is absolutely gorgeous! That is so perfect I will never want to use it, it is beautiful. You have far and away exceeded my hopes and ideas for that room, I love it. It is funny I know that you won't believe this but I had an idea for a shower design very similar to the rendering in that it looked kind of like a waterfall coming down the side. Absolutely love it, thank you so very much.

Hugs, hugs, Jim is thrilled as well, in his words "Very Cool!"

Dear Laura,

Can't wait for you to see the kitchen... I know it's not done but it looks awesome... the color is great and Todd is doing a great job. We are looking forward for the whole thing to be done... we are really liking our new house.... still lots of unpacking to do but we'll get there. Thanks for everything.


All of you have been FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Many thanks, -Mimi

Laura, I am truly giddy, it is so much better than I could have imagined. You are truly a magician!!!  The master bathroom is also going to look amazing, so excited. Thank you so much! Thank Todd so very much for the progress photos. You have no idea when I am working the way that I am right now how this absolutely beautifies my day and gives me a chance to dream of kinder better days to come. HUGE KUDOS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!


Ken and I would like to say a huge thank you to NathanTylor Design for the amazing remodel they did on our condo. It was the original condo since being built 30 odd years ago... it now looks completely different, a beautiful modern look. We had the whole condo redone... we gave them free reign and could not be happier with the end results. NathanTylor came recommended to us. Laura Miller the Designer and Todd Miller did all the construction and remodeling... It was so great to work with them. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their home or condo redone. Ken and I could not be happier with the work... and the continued friendship we share with them.... this company ROCKS. Thank you Todd and Laura...

Any new clients are welcome to visit and see for themselves the amazing job they did.

-Julie and Ken H., Sea Oats.
When we find someone, who performs a service well, we are extremely loyal. We likewise spread the news to friends and relatives that this is the “only” company you want to use for that task. In the case of Nathan Tylor, we were extremely pleased with the job your company did with our Boca Grande condo and we made darn sure everybody at Boca Grande North knew it. There have literally been over one-hundred people paraded through our condo by the resident Realtor who praises your work and the opportunity to have the same remodeling performed on other Boca Grande North units.
- Frank & Colleen R., Boca Grande North. 

To all of  the wonderful clients that we have had
the good fortune to have worked with,
Thank YOU!
It has truly been our pleasure........


So refreshing to talk to Todd -

it is heartwarming to hear how much he admires and respects your talent and loves his life & work. I'm sure you know he is your biggest fan and it's rare that a husband and wife can work together and enjoy it and strike a balance.


You two make a fabulous team in life and work! 


Missi S.






   Todd & Laura

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